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Greece's caretaker government sworn in with first female prime minister

Vassiliki Thanou  

Vassiliki Thanou, a top judge and the country’s first female prime minister ,will lead the country until the election, which is expected to take place on 20 September. Her predecessor, Alexis Tsipras, stepped down last week following a rebellion by members of his leftwing Syriza party who objected to the conditions of Greece’s third international bailout.

The new cabinet may be in power for less than a month, but it will have to oversee the implementation of several austerity measures on which the new bailout depends.Giorgos Houliarakis, an academic who was part of Greece’s negotiating team during the talks with its creditors, becomes finance minister, and the veteran diplomat Petros Moliviatis becomes foreign minister, a position he has held twice in the past.

About Vassiliki Thanou Vassiliki Thanou was born in 1950 in Chalcis, Greece. In July 2015, she was appointed as the President of the Court of Cassation, one of Greece’s three supreme courts. Currently, she is the most senior judge in Greece. She also has served as President of the Greek Association of Judges and Prosecutors (SAD). For first time she was elected to this post in 2012 for a two-year term and was re-elected in 2014 for the same period.