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Current Affair [English] Dated On 9 December 2016

Current Affair - 09 Dec 2016

Researchers discover hot hydrogen atoms in Earth's upper atmosphere

A team of researchers from University of Illinois discovered the existence of hot atomic hydrogen (H) atoms in an upper layer of Earth's atmosphere, known as the thermosphere. The finding was recently published in the report titled Nature Communications. The discovery significantly changes current understanding of the distribution of hot atomic hydrogen and its interaction with other atmospheric constituents.Key highlights of the finding • The discovery was enabled by the development of new numerical techniques and their application to years' worth of remote sen.....

Serendipity Arts Festival to be held in Goa

The Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF) is scheduled to be held from 16 December to 23 December 2016 in Goa. The festival will see a stellar line-up of 33 global artists, who will display their work at the eight-day inspiration-packed festival. More than 40 exciting projects and exhibitions featuring famous artists, like Kabi Raj Lama, Bandu Manamperi, Escif, Billy Chang, SP Pushpakanthan, Lisa Stertz and Paquito Gonzalees, will be a part of the festival.Focus areas of the festival • Promoting patronage of the arts • Creating a space for interdisciplinary exp.....