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Vijay Chaudhari from Jalgaon becomes Maharashtra Kesri




Vijay Chaudhari from Jalgaon wins the title of Maharashtra Kesri by defeating Mumbai's vikrant jadhav. Only 30 seconds were left of 6 minutes play and vijay Chaudhari played so quickly and intelligently, that he was chosen as double Maharashtra kesri winner. He was honoured by Chief Minister with silver mace, band of Maharashtra kesri and 1 lakh rupees cash. In 2014 Vijay Chaudhari had defeated Sachin Yelbar for the title. Vikrant jadhav was also given 50 thousand Rupees.

All over in Maharashtra Maharashtra kesri is played and watched proudly. Maharashtra's Chief Minister Devendra fadnavis was present in Nagpur to watch and be part of Wrestling. The wrestling lovers from all parts of Maharashtra came to Nagpur. On this Occasion, Maharashtra, Hind Kesri players were also present.

History of Award
Cash prize was awarded to the winner since the start. But since 1982, initiated by wrestler Mamasaheb Mohol, the winner was permanently awarded with a silver mace weighing 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lb). As of 2008 the winner received a silver mace and a cash prize of Rs. 51000 (US$760). In addition, Government of Maharashtra also provided honorary sum amount to the title holders above age 50. Until 2012, to be eligible for this amount, the title holder's annual income had to be less than Rs. 40000 (US $ 600).
The winners are also eligible to apply for government jobs under sports quota. Narsing Yadav holds the record of winning the title three times consecutively from 2011 to 2013 whereas Ganpat Khedkar, Chamba Mutnaal, Laxman Wadar, Dadu Chougule, Chandrahar Patil and Vijay Chaudhari have won the title twice. After winning his second title in 2008, Chandrahar Patil also competed in the 2009 championship whereas previous double title holders had not competed the third time. Yuvaraj Patil hold the record of being the youngest winner at the age of 17.

The winners of Maharashtra kesri
1961- Dinkar patil, 1964, 65 – Ganpat khedkar, 1969, 70 – Dada Chougule, 1972, 73- Laxman wadar, 1976- Hiraman Bunker, 1980- Ismail Sheikh, 1992- Appalal Sheikh, 1993 –Udayraj yadao, 1994- Sanjay patil, 1995- Shivaji kekan, 1997-Ashok Shirke, 1998- Gorakh Sirakh, 2000- Vinod Chaugule, 2001- Rahul kanbhor, 2002- Munnalal Sheikh, 2003- Chandrahas Nimgire, 2005- Saeed bin Ali kardoos, 2006- Amol Buchde, 2007-8- Chandrahar patil, 2009- Vijay Bankar, 2010- Samadhan Ghodke, 2011-12-13 – Narsing yadav, 2014,16 – Vijay Choudhari