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Indra Nooyi Becomes The First Woman To Endow Deanship At An Ivy League School




PepsiCo's India-born CEO Indra Nooyi has become the biggest alumni donor and the first woman to endow deanship at a top business school. after she gifted an undisclosed amount to prestigious Yale school of management.

60 year old Nooyi gifted an amount, which was not made public, to the deanship of the school and inaugurated the Fifth Decade Innovation Fund, the Yale School of Management said. With this gift, Nooyi becomes the most generous graduate of Yale School of Management in terms of lifetime giving to the school and she is the first woman to endow the deanship at a top business school, it said.

Nooyi said her experience at the Yale School of Management forever altered the course of my life. Yale gave me the fundamental understanding that leadership requires an expansive world view and a deep appreciation of the many points of intersection between business and society.