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President nominates 2 members of Anglo-Indian Community to Lok Sabha

lok shabha  

President Pranab Mukherjee has appointed 2 members of Anglo-Indian Community to Lok Sabha as per the provisions of Article 331 of Indian Constitution. Nominated Persons are Professor Richard Hay: He hails from Kerala. Presently, he teaches economics in various academic institutes in India as well as abroad. George Baker: He hails from West Bengal and is actor by profession. Since 1970s, he has acted in several Assamese and Bengali movies.

Who is Anglo-Indian? Article 366(2) of the Indian Constitution defines Anglo-Indian as a person who is domiciled within the territory of India, whose father or any of his other male progenitors are in the male line are of European descent.
Article 331: Representation of the Anglo-Indian Community in Lok Sabha. It says that President may appoint two members from Anglo-Indian Community to Lok Sabha, if in his opinion that this community is not represented adequately, notwithstanding anything mentioned in Article 81 which deals with Composition of Lok Sabha. Article 81 (1) which was inserted by 35th Constitutional Amendment Act, says that subject to Article 331, Lok Sabha shall consists of 530 directly elected representatives from states and 20 directly elected representatives from Union Territories. Thus, the total strength of Lok Sabha is 552 including two members of Anglo-Indian Community.