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China, Pakistan launch joint ‘Shaheen (Eagle) – 4’ Air Drill


A joint drill between Chinese and Pakistani air forces named Shaheen (Eagle)-4 began in China on Sept.2015. The Chinese contingent includes fighter jets, fighter-bombers and early warning planes while Pakistan dispatched fighter jets and early warning planes. The joint exercise is part of several military exchange programs between the two air forces.

It is fourth edition of air exercise between the air forces of both countries which was launched as part of a series of military exchange programmes between two countries. In this edition of exercise, Chinese contingent was represented by fighter jets, fighter bombers and early warning planes. Pakistani counterpart included fighter jets and early warning planes. Chinese air force by this joint air exercise is willing to expand the scope of cooperation with various countries in the region. The first edition of such joint air drill between both countries took place in Pakistan in March 2011. Late in September 2013 the second drill took place in China’s western Xinjiang Uygur region and third drill again took in Pakistan’s Punjab province in May 2014.