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Q. How do I check the current status of My orders?

You can review the status of your orders and other related information in the My Account section. In the My Account page, click on the My orders link to view the status of all your orders. To view the status of a specific order, click on the Order Number link.

Q. What do the different order status mean ?

Payment Pending Authorization: Your order has been logged and we are waiting for authorization from the payment gateway. Payment Authorized, Order under Processing: Authorization has been received from the payment gateway and your order is being processed by the seller. Order Shipped: Your order has been shipped by the seller and is on its way to the location specified by you for delivery. Order Cancelled: The order was cancelled.

Q. What is the estimated Delivery time?

Sellers generally procure and ship the items within the time specified on the product page. Business days exclude public holidays and Sundays. Estimated Delivery time depends on the following factors: The Seller offering the product Product's availability with the Seller The destination to which you want the order shipped to and location of the Seller.

Q. Are there any hidden costs (sales tax, octroi etc) on items sold by Sellers on allauddin?

There are NO hidden charges when you make a purchase on Flipkart. List prices are final and all-inclusive. The price you see on the product page is exactly what you would pay. Delivery charges are not hidden charges and are charged (if at all) extra depending on the Seller's shipping policy.

Q. Why does the estimated Delivery time vary for each seller?

You have probably noticed varying estimated delivery times for sellers of the product you are interested in. Delivery times are influenced by product availability, geographic location of the Seller, your shipping destination and the courier partner's time-to-deliver in your location. Please enter your default pin code on the product page (you don't have to enter it every single time) to know more accurate delivery times on the product page itself.

Q: What Internet Browsers are compatible with allauddin?

Allauddin is compatible with all web browsers. However, make sure your browser is current.

Q: I am using a MAC computer with AOL as my Internet Browser. The text is small and difficult to read. How can I increase the text size?

There are 2 options that can increase your text size.

- If you are using Internet Explorer, you can choose VIEW, TEXT SIZE and then select LARGEST from within Internet Explorer
- If the above does not correct this, you will need to decrease your resolution on your monitor. Go into your CONTROL PANEL and select Monitors & Sound. For the monitor setting, decrease the resolution to either 800 x 600 or 640 x 480.

Q: What do I do when I receive an error message?

Notify our technical support staff by phoning "Contact no" or emailing "support@allauddin.co.in".

Q: When I log in to http://allauddin.co.in and click on a link, I am returned to the Login Screen. Why does this happen?

Allauddin requires that Cookies be activated. The steps required to enable cookies on your particular web browser will vary depending on which browser and which browser version you're using. Visit this page on Google for instructions on how to enable cookies on the most common browsers. If you don't find yours there, consult your browser's help documentation.

Q. I have lost my Username and Password to Allauddin. Should I just create a new one?

Allauddin prefers that you e-mail support@allauddin.co.in to receive a copy of your Username and Password. Please do not create a new one, as it will take several days for your registration to go through the system. Please do not create more than one Username per person.

Q. Once I have my username and password, how do I update/view/add titles?

Once your username and password are active, go to the Allauddin home page. Enter your username and password and click the [Login] button.

Q. I added a new title in Allauddin. How long will it take until it is in your database?

It usually takes 3-4 business days before new titles are added to our database. In the case of data issues, an editor may contact you before the title is added. If your title is still in View Pending Transactions, or you do not see it at all after 4-5 business days, please e-mail support@allauddin.co.in so we can check to see what may have happened. (Please include the ISBN number and title in your e-mail).

Q. How do I delete a title?

If the title is Out of Print or Publication Cancelled, you may indicate this by updating the "Title Status" on the Allauddin Title Information screen. You cannot delete a title using Allauddin, because we generally do not delete information from our database. If you find an item that should not be in our database for any other reason, please e-mail us at support@allauddin.co.in and advise us as to why you would like to delete that title. (Please include the ISBN number and title in your e-mail).

Q. Can I generate a list of our Books In Print titles from Allauddin for my company?

You may print off a list of your ISBNs and titles from your screen. However, there is not an option available to print a checklist like those previously sent out by us. You may view a list of all your ISBNs and titles by clicking on the [Search] button below the search criteria (leave the criteria blank/defaulted).

Q. Do I really need to complete all of these fields?

The fields listed on Allauddin are important to retailers, libraries and schools.