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Government brings in ordinance on Right to Services


The Maharashtra government on Tuesday approved an ordinance for the Maharashtra Guarantee of Public Services Act, popularly known as Right to Services, to improve transparency and delivery of services to citizens from the government machinery. As per the ordinance, about 160 services will be covered under the Act in the first phase.

Features of the Bill 
• It empowers citizens to avail their rights in stipulated time with less efforts and cost. 
• It will pave way for curbing corruption, bringing transparency and empowering citizens. 
• It ensures essential services are delivered in a time-bound manner and at nominal charges. 
• In case of failure in delivery in the stipulated time, the government employee will be penalized for default, which ranges between 500 rupees to 5000 rupees. 
• Various leading departments will have to notify key essential services to be offered to the common man under the Act.
• It provides for three-tier Appellate Authorities with first two being Government Officials or Designated Officers and third will be a Right to Service Commission.
• No civil court shall have jurisdiction in respect of any matter which the Appellate Authorities are empowered by or under this Act to determine.
• Right to Service Commission will be headed by a retired civil servant or a prominent personality from sectors other than politics. 
• The commission will be an autonomous body comprising chief commissioner and divisional-level commissioners appointed by the governor similar to information commissioners.
• It provides for constitution of State Public Services Delivery Committee to be headed by Chief Secretary to recommend steps to be taken by Public Authorities for efficient delivery of notified services.